Submitted abstracts will either be accepted for oral or for poster presentations.


Each oral presentation will be made in 20 minutes (15 minutes’ presentation and 5 minutes’ discussion).


  • The size of the poster stands is 2.393m x 0.963m.
  • The size of the posters can either be full dimension (2.393m x 0.963m) or 1m x 0.963m.
  • However, we suggest that the poster size should be 1m x 0.963m.
  • Kindly note that the recommended print material is vinyl print or correx.
  • Vinyl print is more preferable since it can easily be pasted on the poster stands and lasts longer.

Also note that we are available to print the posters and for those who would like us to print the posters for them, please consider the following:

  • The size of the poster designs should not exceed the given dimensions/measurements
  • All artwork designs should be sent in high resolution and print ready format
  • The preferred is vector image format or alternatively Pdf format.
  • All artworks should be sent at least 3 weeks prior to the day of the conference/exhibition/event
  • Payment should be made in full before the work can be printed

For further details, contact Lee-Anne Singh at